HTTYD Halloween Icons » Part 2

Worked on these today. I couldn’t think about what Mulch’s could be so he’s a HTTYD Fanatic going to see the film in 3D

OH AND BUCKET IS DRESSED LIKE THAT BECAUSE I WANTED TO KEEP HIM IN CHARACTER. And obviously, he’d be confused about the holidays.

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  • 06.October.2012
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    BUCKET YOU PRECIOUS BABY. They are all beautiful. I love Mulch. GPOY MUCLH. GPOY. And Snotlout…Oh my gosh. And…and...
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    Oh my gosh, these are so much fun!
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    Yeah Mungus is Robin and If you see my previous one you’ll notice I’ve put Alvin as an angel too, good guys in disguise...
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    Mildew is batman? Shouldn’t he be the joker or something? Lol, and I’m guessing the sheep is Robin?
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